Békássy packaging

The Békássy family has been producing wine on the best southern slopes of Badacsony since the 1840s, in the same spirit as in the last 180 years: with a high respect for the grapes and the soil they grow in, with the least possible intervention throughout the wine making process.

What makes the family and their wine special is their dedication to quality, the respect of their family history and the straightness and honesty of their wines. I have tried to reflect all of this in their labels as well: a minimalistic design, with the front based only on the Békássy logo and the family coat of arms. The paper used for the label has a natural, textured feeling, providing a noble touch. The logo and coat of arms are printed with hot foil for the most impact and a high quality look. The full bodied, simple and masculine typography used for the descriptor emphasizes the boldness and the honesty of the wine. The back side of the label contains storytelling elements: the family signature together with the start of the wine making date are designed in the same style as the brand’s logo, and 3 graphical icons, the first depicting the location of the vineyards, the second references the ancient Hungarian sorts of grapes they grow and the last icon highlights how the wine is kept maturing in the bottle, before it is available for purchase.

Based on the characteristics of the different wines I chose different stones to reflect those visually. These images are used in the webshop and in the product materials to reference the taste of the wine.