You Go Girl

Aga Nabielec You Go Girl You Go Girl is an exotic pole dance wear brand with the aim to empower women through motivation and support. The dance as well as You Go Girl’s clothing enhance what is the most magical in women: mystery, strength, sensuality and delicacy. Exotic Pole Dancing is all about the balance … Read moreYou Go Girl

Etha Moss

Aga Nabielec Etha Moss Etha Moss is a pottery brand just starting out. Coming from the shores of the Baltic Sea, its clear appreciation of calmness and flow had to be resembled in the brand as well. The logo is based on the custom made typography. Simple, but with subtle imperfections as it was molded … Read moreEtha Moss


Aga Nabielec Heed Heed is a group of destination management companies. It offers bespoke experiences with zero-fault operations: deep listening and flawless execution; a human touch in a well-oiled machine; flexibility and stability at the same time — this is the paradox of trust. Trust, that makes one take Heed. The main focus in design … Read moreHeed

Cgi by Otto

Aga Nabielec Cgi by Otto CGI by OTTO is a brand within OTTO, that specialises in creating computer generated images for their home and living department. The task was to work with an already existing logo and typeface to create a modern, innovative CI around them. I decided to build the concept around the topic … Read moreCgi by Otto

Medio Segundo

Aga Nabielec Medio Segundo Medio Segundo is all about the magic moment — the split second — when a perfect connection, perfect match is created. It is about coming together and the moment, when feelings of being in sync, of being on the same level arise. Each connection is different, each talent is individual, each … Read moreMedio Segundo


Aga Nabielec Nasyceni Nasyceni (eng. Satiated) is a cooking blog about everyday life, simple pleasures and small rituals. It is a place to chat about food, share recipes and inspirations. The design for Nasyceni is all about the visual richness. The brand concentrates on the topics related to cooking that can be found in art … Read moreNASYCENI


Aga Nabielec Carolin Schneider Carolin Schneider’s branding is based on the idea of simplicity with a personal touch. The logo design is based on a well balanced combination of different letter heights and widths. The uniqueness of each letter stands for the individuality and change, that is brought together in a strong unit. The Image … Read moreSZNEIDER


Aga Nabielec Nabi Nabi is a branding design for a polish painter. The briefing was to create a design that conveys warmth, classicism and freedom. The custom made serif typography creates a perfect balance of different, classicism inspired elements: columns and arcs. The letter ‘B’ is the most characteristic and it is created from two … Read moreNABI


Aga Nabielec AnAn AnAn is a brand concept started by my sister and me, who are appearing to be the same, yet are very different. The idea of the name comes from first letters of our names – Aneta and Aga Nabielec : AN AN. The brand idea is based on the contrast found in … Read moreANAN