You Go Girl

You Go Girl is an exotic pole dance wear brand with the aim to empower women through motivation and support. The dance as well as You Go Girl's clothing enhance what is the most magical in women: mystery, strength, sensuality and delicacy.

Exotic Pole Dancing is all about the balance between static and dynamic, strength and lightness and knowing when to be in full control and when to let go. The branding design and the image world, are based on those attributes.

The logotype is a well balanced game of the static and the dynamic: the exotic and its heroine, a strong, yet mysterious and delicate woman. The icon design is a very dynamic play on the initials of the brand: YGG. The two Gs are inspired by curved, dynamic, elegantly flowing body shape, while the slanted Y represents the static pole. Additionally, in the logo, the dot of the 'i' has a diamond shape that is used as a supporting element for the icon and as decorative element in the image world.

The image world is also a play between calm and dynamic: There is a lot of movement, contrasts, overlapping and blurriness.