Controlled tension.

M2Physio is a physiotherapy clinic based in Hamburg, Germany. The clinic does not only play on duality in its name (M2 – clinic’s founders Mike and Max) but also in its offering, as the provided services cover both – therapy and training. The design is based on the idea of the controlled tension coming from the core idea of physiotherapy: softness, caring, wellness, that stands for trust and reliability meets the sporty, dynamic and fresh look of a training.

Photography by Sophie Wolter

M2Physio’s logotype design is based on a simple yet iconic sans serif font written all in caps. While the logotype is airy, calm and a static, the icon is introducing dynamism into the design.

The icon design plays on the negative space of the m letters. The interlocked M’s are shifted and rotated 45-degrees. That 45-degree angle creates a strong core - the centre, from where the shapes come with control, precision and dynamism.

M2Physio’s primary colours play on the brand’s idea of duality, while keeping in mind the category cues – natural colour brings lightness, warmth, aspect of caring and anthracite stands for a black with a human touch - bringing dynamism to the design. Secondary colours get a clear split into M2Physio’s services – therapy and training. Therapy area and branded visuals get a warm, human and natural tonality, while the training part of M2Physio goes into dynamic, sporty, energizing and fresh direction.

The character of M2Physio’s logo, with its soft and dynamic elements is followed within the typography design. Lexend is a simple, sans-serif, geometric font, with unique details, that make the design eye-friendly while staying professional and modern.

M2Physio’s services are divided into therapy and training. The circle stands for therapy, symbolising a holistic and caring approach. The triangle with a growing upward direction stands for training, representing dynamism and growth.

The character of M2Physio’s icon, with its curved ends and sharp edges, is followed in the iconography design. The icons architecture is based on a square gridnet, ensuring consistency throughout the design.

The pattern design in always based on the icon. The design based on the repetition of it creates a subtle layer for the images or backgrounds, while the design based on zooming into different parts of the icon creates very dynamic, graphical design. 

The materials used for M2Physio follow the brand’s idea of contrasting services. The therapy follows soft, natural, human characteristics, and the training goes into a dynamic direction. The area that connects them by marrying both features is the reception.

The image world is a combination of photography that enhances the brand’s concept. It consists of three topics: therapy, training and nature. Those are represented by a variety of static, dynamic and nature-presenting images. The overall look and feel is very authentic, natural and straight to the point.

The images of therapy are focused on the treatment itself. The therapist and the patient are kept in the background (no faces shown) as the working hands are the heroes. The compositions are easy to decode. The tonality follows the brand’s primary colour - contrasting natural with anthracite and soft grey.

The images of training bring dynamism to the image world. The movement is in---- focus. It is shot naturally and authentically, with both the trainer and a patient fully visible. The trainer brings expertise and care to the image, as shown while working with the patient.

Photography by Sophie Wolter.