Strong and Gentle

A Strong Unit.

The inspiration behind Strong&Gentle originates from the fusion of contrasting personalities – strong and gentle – forming a strong unit. The unit stands for different qualities of the founders, but also communicates the understanding of a complexity of an individual, who is more than one thing.

The two words in the logo, "Strong" and "Gentle," are designed to visually embody the qualities they represent. Additionally, the connections between the letters convey a feeling of unity and strength.

The branding design for Strong and Gentle is versatile, tailored to various scenarios, ensuring flexibility and meeting all the brand's requirements. 

The color palette follows distinct paths: the primary brand colors are cool grey and sunny orange, embodying the brand's essence. Strong is depicted through shades of blue, and Gentle is represented by soothing green tones, capturing the brand's diverse facets.

A highly adaptable design system underpins the brand, with the Strong and Gentle icon serving as a central branding element. Its versatile design allows for varied usage, accommodating different layouts effectively.