Part of a bigger picture.

Zhimble is a boutique consultancy specialised in organisational transformation: leadership and team development, change management and cultural change, serving multinational organisations with great experience with manufacturing companies.

Zhimble is all about a change for the better. This transformation continuously inspires improvement and growth. Zhimble’s set of skills, knowledge and experience allows them to simultaneously understand the importance of both: the individual and the whole. The whole – a bigger picture – is a community, an organisation that understands togetherness, a collaboration that lasts, a sustainable growth and an individual’s life that is lead holistically. With the most important part of this bigger picture – the individual.

Zhimble's logo features custom hand-written letters, blending soft curves and sharp lines for balance. Created on two different base levels, it achieves a seamless, grounded, and continuous look.

Zhimble's main branding includes the logotype and a dynamic swirl. The swirl stands for transformation, with one side embracing the logo and the other side fading away, creating a sense of continuity.

Custom numbers are designed to align with the logo's features, enhancing the sense of continuity and infusing emotion into typically sterile numeric representations.

The visual identity combines professionalism in blue and purple tones with a human touch through natural colors, highlighted by vibrant lime green for dynamism. Zhimble's palette is inviting yet firmly grounded in professionalism.

The dot shape originates from Zhimble's Swirl and serves as a main graphic elemnent for the highlights, buttons and icons.

Zhimble’s swirl is worked into a system. Depending on the needs – on the focus – it can be used to embrace, leave a mark or enhance a change. It brings dynamism and feeling of transformation into the design.

Zhimble’s images have a soft warm touch, that balances the human aspect and the professional. Zhimblness is highlighted in the images through the purple accent.